Ocean Route Foreign Trade strengthens its position in the foreign trade sector by means of worldwide partnerships and experience since its establishment dated 1997. The main function of Ocean Trade is to achieve every step of importation from purchasing process to delivery after the customs are achieved and transportation is optimum done; besides swiftly, securely and economically.

The problematic process of importation is purchasing, logistics and customs. Because to purchase the right product to the most economical cost, to make the logistics process optimum and to be ready to complete customs process with all necessary tools.

Because if the concerned process is not perfectly planned, every single extra day of delays will be additional cost due to potential storage and financial interests. Briefly at this point Ocean Trade is the only one who can responsibly do it with its know how.

The objective of Ocean Trade is not the final consumers; but the coporations who have sales and service networks as to help them to make right purchase and to complete every single steps of final delivery; by means of experience and infrastructure.

So the best source of achieving the import, logistics ans customs process of the companies to whom their business is to serve to the final consumers is; Ocean Trade.

Are you serving to the automotive sector? The products that you would like to purchase are held by the monopolies and you are paying high costs? Or you have difficulty to find them? Even if you find them you are worried about the hidden risks of customs and logistics companies?

Are you managing the fleet of ships worldwide and your need is not towards to a single destination but towards the any worldwide destination where your ships or agents are located? Besides you do not know what and when do you exactly need, when the regulations are changing instantly?

You have a brilliant idea and you are sure that is works perfectly but you do not have enough know how or you can not depent on your own experience. You need someone's to help you because the process needs better management.

Or you have everything but you can not calculate the cost precisely.

So the right address is Ocean Trade.

Ocean Route; is well known as a route in the ocean.

There is not any problem which can not be solved.